The Tarot Toolbox


On the Path to Self Mastery, the Tarot can be a very useful tool. Those of you that may think this is simple fortune telling and has no real validity need to take a closer look. This is a divination system that has been around for centuries; here is a link about it’s history. I have studied the Tarot since the tail end of 2011 when I had my biggest “tower moment” ever and find it is a good example of what this website is all about; THE HERO’S JOURNEY ~ and that is the story you create as you live your life.  Using the tarot gains a deeper understanding of the self and the world in which we live and the lessons we must learn as we progress.  Each card defines an aspect of this journey, and each card can tell you quite a bit where you are at currently, and also where others are at who intersect you on your path. With this incite, you can better navigate your way through life’s ups and downs and also access the ability to gain much wisdom as well as further develop your intuition; your greatest superpower of all. We need all the help we can get sometimes…especially when we get hit by that damn Tower Card!


This is what all hell braking loose looks like! Throughout your lifetime, you will have your fair share of tower moments…these are designed to shake you up from a direction or situation in life that doesn’t really serve you anymore. It’s meant to tear down anything that wasn’t solidly built and is completely dysfunctional so that you can rebuilt and start on a healthier path and create something much more substantial or yourself. Soon after recovery from the Tower experience, we become the Fool and we begin again, completely walking into the unknown with nothing much more than A Leap Of Faith leading the way.


Knowing this, and discovering my TRUE SELF, I got to transform into the…



and here I am sitting on my throne like my card counterpart! 😉