the hero’s journal

Every good story follows the mythical flow of the Hero’s Journey. Why? Because it reflects the one true path of the soul in every lifetime. Your life is your story, and you have the ability to create it any way you see fit. Yes, you have that much power…and if you change your story; you can very well change your life.

Know thyself.


I have written in a journal myself for over 40 years; starting at the age of 13. It’s a powerful way to record and uncover deeper aspects of your being. I also discovered a truth about it later in life:

Writing in a journal relieves stress-related symptoms due to its meditative/reflective effects. It helps to rid the body of cortisol which is overproduced in times of stress/grief/loss.

Writing about your life = Less Stress = Less Cortisol levels = Better immune system = Better Health = Happier Life.

It’s also your Legacy you get to leave behind.

There are many ways to journal and I will endeavor to broaden that exercise here as it is something I am deeply passionate about; having done it most of my entire life. And it’s a powerful tool of discovery.

Self expression through writing, art, scrapbooking, poetry making etc. can be deeply inciteful. This will allow you to know yourself on a much deeper level and besides that it’s very fun and uniquely you! I’m a bookmaker so I love creating all types of books!

The Hero’s Journal is a record of your adventure…because you are the Hero of your life, your story, and your time spent here on earth.