“Great teacher; a wealth of information, a lovely experience.”  ~ Anita

“I really enjoyed the class. Very informative. Thank you Theresa”  ~ Shelly

“Anything creative you are offering, I would like to know. I inspire to be a writer and going through my healing as well! 😅 And you showed up at the right time telling me “look I was able to navigate through all this and you can too!” As there are no coincidences that I have met you again. I hope you rejoice today in knowing, that your story has filled me with hope and inspiration” 🌻 ✨😇  ~ Syrah

“This was well beyond my expectations. I really liked the focus on the forgiveness and the Ho’oponopono prayer.”  ~ Ted

“Thank you Theresa. I really enjoyed the forgiveness ritual.” ~ Shari

“Really enjoyed the energy tonight and thank you for doing the hike and the cleansing!!! I had such a wonderful time and love the energy of our group tonight. Thank you for a very blessed and special evening!! 🙏🏼”  ~ Nancy

“Thank you for this special and wonderful gathering!”  ~ Irina

“I met Theresa last night at the blue moon hike and she is very genuine and real….this was a very lovely ceremonial hike, easy, peaceful and spiritual.”  ~ Diane

“Yesterday I was so touched by the lovely journals and stickers, craft tape and beautiful note you left for all of us. How absolutely lovely.
I am inspired by you and what you are doing in your life…
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your gift. It lifted my spirits…
I hope one day I will also be able to support others through their cancer journey.
Many thanks!!!”
~ Lynnanne

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