Self Mastery Toolbox

sewnheartsAn Understanding of what LOVE is definitely needs to go in the Toolbox. Practice on yourself before you extend it to others because you cannot give away what you do not possess.

This means be patient with yourself so that you can learn how to be patient with others. ie: don’t be so hard on yourself.

Be Kind to Yourself! Gaffer tape your inner critic.

No more feeling that if others have something you can’t have it either. No need — there is plenty for everyone to have a piece of the pie. The Universe is limitless so go after your dreams and put in the work to have it manifest in your life!

No need to boast in order to feel superior — be confident in who you are just be secure in your own inner knowing – everyone can achieve anything!

Don’t be so prideful that you can’t apologize and see thru your own faults–no one is perfect and no one expects you to be!

Honor yourself and don’t put yourself down. NEVER start a conversation by apologizing for yourself…

don’t be selfish by only thinking of yourself and using people to see what you can get out of them….or even thinking people owe you.

take a breath, take a time out, and breathe before you speak…calm down.

don’t keep lists of “you did this, and you did that” the past is the past. Speak up when it happens or forever hold your peace–ie: let it go…deeds are like expired coupons..can’t redeem after a certain point.

Don’t dance with the Devil. Period.

Stand up for what you believe In. Stand up for the Truth and find no shame in it. Smile.

Protect yourself and your loved ones like a Momma Bear. Don’t let anyone mess with you.

Don’t let past betrayals form a wall around your heart that no one else can penetrate. Women are not all alike and neither are men. Forgive the past and let it go so it doesn’t screw with your future.

Hope is what separates the man from the beast. Magic does exist…as do miracles. In fact, they happen every single day.

Carry on with all strength you can muster up and get thru whatever life throws at you. It was meant to evolve you.

Love wins in the end. If not, it’s not THE END.


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