Tarot Readings

We can meet in person locally for the reading or we can converse over the phone and do it that way for those at a distance. Once I receive your payment we can go from there! Please contact me via email for details.

Readings can include concerns about love, finances, career, soul/life purpose, past lives, you name it but please keep it about you and people connected to you! I cannot comment on world problems, etc.

Please keep in mind that depending on the question and it’s complexity most questions take about at least 30 minutes each to cover and if it’s complex it can take longer…so please plan accordingly.  Multiple questions will take longer time. Thank you!


“Theresa has a special place in my heart. She helps guide me into the right direction. She would tell me what I needed to work on and I would work on it. Her guidance has helped me so much. It was healing/tarot sessions that I needed and she was able to help me. Thank you Theresa for your time and guidance. You are blessed.” ~ Ingrid

Intuitive Tarot Reading

60 minutes


Intuitive Tarot Reading

45 minutes


Intuitive Tarot Reading

30 minutes




Twinflame Journey – navigating the difficult and sometimes confusing roller coaster ride of the twin flame journey. Where the Divine Masculine is at and Where the Divine Feminine is at energetically with advice and tips on navigating this rare and very important soul connection in order to come into the all important Union and your Soul Mission. 90 minutes

Twin Flame Journey



The Dearly Departed – connecting with a deceased love one and ascertaining what you were meant to learn from their life and their death; what they want you to know; advice and wisdom they wish to share, some last words and more. Whenever I do this reading; it’s very special and very heartwarming which makes it a personal fave of mine. 90 minutes.

Dearly Departed



Past Life Reading – What are the pros and cons you have carried over from a past life or lives? Are these issues helping you? Hindering you? Or blocking you altogether? A fascinating dip into the past to learn more about your soul’s journey and what you set  out to achieve and overcome in this current lifetime. 90 minutes

Past Life


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