Tarot Readings


I am now offering tarot readings through the ZOOM app. This will allow for an online video experience where you can see the cards and interact with me. I’m currently offering a reading specially priced at $35.00 for 20 minutes. Once you pay for your reading; shoot me an email via the contact form and we will schedule a meeting on ZOOM. I will send you the link and the password to get in to my “virtual office” for your private reading.

After your reading is finished; I will also include a recording of the reading that you can view privately on YOUTUBE as many times as you wish for 60 days. This way you have the opportunity to review anything you might have missed the first time.

Readings can include concerns about love, finances, career, soul/life purpose, past lives, you name it but please keep it about you and people connected to you! I cannot comment on world problems, etc.

Thank you!

The 20 Minute Special for Hermit Mode

Tired of being in Hermit Mode? Let's find out what your time-out is designed for and what needs to be looked at in depth on your Journey.



“Theresa has a special place in my heart. She helps guide me into the right direction. She would tell me what I needed to work on and I would work on it. Her guidance has helped me so much. It was healing/tarot sessions that I needed and she was able to help me. Thank you Theresa for your time and guidance. You are blessed.” ~ Ingrid

Intuitive Tarot Reading

60 minutes


Intuitive Tarot Reading

45 minutes


Intuitive Tarot Reading

30 minutes


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