The Moon *Magic* Academy is a school of magical learning for the students of my Tarot Classes and/or by special invitation ONLY. It is a very healing and transformative series of lessons taught over the course of a year in a very entertaining and engaging way. The purpose of each class is to empower you to manifest like the MAGICIAN you are and to realize your dreams can and will come true if you master the tools. Be aware you may receive many “AHA” moments from the Universe along the way…..If you are interested in attending the classes/workshops; contact me via this website for a golden ticket!  Due to the nature of the sacred space we meet in, space is limited.  Hope to see you soon at the next gathering!


Series of Six Moon*Magic* Classes

Pay in advance for the next consecutive five classes and get one class (so six in all) free!!!! (note: Must be consecutive). Relax in knowing your spot is secure ~ 😉



One Moon*Magic* Class

all classes are non-refundable. In case of a missed class; you will still be able to obtain the class materials for that particular class in order to study the material on your own. You may also schedule a private session with me to go over the lesson with you for an additional fee. Email me for details and to make appt.



***Here’s what participants are saying about these very special classes:***

“I truly enjoyed every minute…Keep going…truly a special class…a great learning experience among a fun group of people.”

“While it’s still fresh in my being, I wanted to thank you for a lovely heart opening gathering which has given me many things to ponder in a most positive light💝
Thank you Theresa”

“The moon magic class was Magical from the moment I walked into the room to the moment I left ~ everything was magical. You put your heart into all the details, from the table set up to the class materials. Everything had a personal touch. I took the time to connect with my inner self, release stuck energy, and understand what I was holding back. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us.”

“It was a wonderful class I truly enjoyed and must say I was surprised at my journaling which I’ll continue today as well as the ritual. Your son should be proud of you as you are leading and inspiring us in our new journey.”

“Wisdom Teacher;
Yesterday was just right, you teach from your heart. It was a very sacred space, Thank you for making it so.”

“Theresa, Thank you again for a wonderful and very fun class! Totally enjoyable 3 hours!❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

“Thank you so much for the fantastic class again today, I really enjoyed it and I’m looking forward to the next one!”

“I loved the class…Thank you for all the work you put into it Theresa! It’s much appreciated ❤”

“Thank you!! LOVED the class!!!!”

“Thanx for a most perfect gathering. We definitely “came and got our love.”😍”

“Thank you for doing this (class). I needed this in my life!!!”

“I love this! I see a lot of women who build each other up!”

“I wanted to tell you how amazing Saturday’s Come and Get Your Love New Moon gathering was. I expected to have fun and learn some new things, but I did not expect such a wonderful self love cup filling exercise and all the attention to detail. Your decorations, love themed treats, tarot layout, and the whole afternoon was so thoughtful and well designed. And thanks for keeping us on task so we could complete everything! Thanks for opening your home and heart to us and being our teacher.

“I was sad that Monday had been our last class at the center, but I was happy in knowing that I had met a wonderful group of ladies and a wonderful, inspiring gifted teacher.Thank you for your inspiration, positive energy, enlightenment, and love with your spiritual gifts and to share them with us. I am thankful that I came to your class and met you, as my teacher. I look forward to learning more in the upcoming classes from you as I continue on this journey of positive energy, love, enlightenment, and clarity. Thank you”

“I have been loving these classes….can’t wait for the next one!”

“Thank you for yesterday, it was great how everyone shared and the collective energy was high. I dare to say that everyone enjoyed the class. So, please put me down for the next two classes. Thanks again and many blessings to you.”

“Thanx so much for yesterday. Had a few ah ha moments and lots of laughs…will be “looking 4 signs.”

“Thank you so much for the fantastic class! You did a great job! I did not know what to expect and I had fun. Love my candle and hearing everyone’s stories. Thanks for the reminder that we can let go of old beliefs and change our future. You have a great home and I can see why it was a great place to study and explore your path.”









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