This is a class designed to teach you the Tarot in 6 weeks. I teach the Tarot with a foundation based on The Hero’s Journey which Joseph Campbell discusses in his book “The Hero with a Thousand Faces” and is the basis for most story arcs in film/myth. Whether we know it or not, we are all the Heroes of Our Own Stories and this class will help you unravel your mysteries and show you how the embodiment of certain archetypes is how we navigate life and how we either flow through it or get stuck at certain points in it. This class will teach you the meanings of each card, how to develop your intuition, and how to essentially use the tarot as a tool to help you navigate what life brings you as well as the ability to do readings for others.  Please purchase and bring the standard deck of the Raider/Waite/Smith and a notebook to take notes. There are other decks around of course but this one is the standard and the best to start off with – plus we all have to be on the same page…or card as the case may be!!! Some decks depict things differently and will therefore possibly be confusing to the beginner.

I teach on-going classes at The Goebel Adult Community Center. Course catalogues come out every few months for beginning and advanced tarot classes and I am currently developing an online course which I hope to launch sometime in 2019.

***Here’s what some of my students are saying about my tarot classes:***

“Fun, entertaining, informative and humorous. Theresa brings her unique experiences and knowledge into the class providing real life examples, applicability, and makes sure you’re entertained in the process.”  ~ Mark

“Great teacher; a wealth of information, a lovely experience.”  ~ Anita

“I really enjoyed the class. Very informative. Thank you Theresa”  ~ Shelly



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