Hello, My name is Theresa and I created this website for a couple of reasons:

One being to honor my little brother Johnny, who came up with *HATU*.  My discovery of what that acronym meant after his passing changed my whole life….as he delivered the message to me personally after his death! (yes, death is but a passing from one state of being to another) …and so it became the official domain name of this website. I made up my own meaning of the acronym *HATU* to deal with it all…so this is very much a joint venture brought forth by the two of us.

Johnny passed from this world to the next back in 2005; at the tender age of thirty-five via a drunken driver who struck him from behind with his car while Johnny was riding his  bicycle just one short block from home. He died instantly from the collision and my world was ripped apart. I was in shock for quite some time not quite believing this could be possible. To add insult to injury the driver was arrested, let out on bail for a mere $500 and fled the country to avoid prosecution. It took me a long time to heal from that and thus began a long succession of tragedies as I lost all my immediate family in a very short period of time, recovered somewhat just to go thru a very painful divorce while undergoing cancer treatment. So let’s just say I’ve just about seen it all….(I haven’t disclosed everything here mind you)…so I guess now that makes me a know-it-all.
ahem. Laughter is the way out of anything…or at least some powerful medicine.
At any rate that brings me to the second reason I created this website….as a result of having experienced a lot of WTF!!!! moments; I have knowledge first hand of what it feels like, and what it can do to you but more importantly how to recover from it. And if I can do it; so can you. So if you feel you are broken, disheartened and in need of some nurturing and solace; you came to the right place. I am a wounded healer who healed herself so that she could heal others as all I went through opened up many intuitive gifts for me which are truly a blessing. I am a very creative person, as an artist and a writer and my purpose here on earth is to help others heal and be the best they can possibly be. 
I am currently working on a book – this time for adults! (I am a children’s book author and illustrator) – a memoir of sorts to share my experiences and my stories of healing and transformation thru difficulties in life. This website will support this endeavor. 


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