7&7 Chakra Balancing


An extension of The Moon*Magic* Academy; the 7&7 Chakra Balancing Workshop Series is a set of 7 classes designed to help balance and align your chakras. In each session we will be studying the chakras, using crystal healing, aromatherapy, art/self expression inner child work, journaling and utilizing the tarot to pinpoint problem areas and heal past wounding to get things flowing in the right direction again. Each participant will also receive ONE 30minute Reiki Healing session to be scheduled separately sometime over the course duration.

Workshop dates are as follows:

August 10th, 2019/SAT 1-4pm – The Root Chakra

August 24th, 2019/SAT 1-4pm – The Sacral Chakra

September 14th, 2019/SAT 1-4pm – The Solar Plexus Chakra

September 28th, 2019/SAT 1-4pm – The Heart Chakra

October 13th, 2019/SUN 7-10pm – The Throat Chakra and a Full Moon (expect Howling)

November 9th, 2019/SAT 1-4pm – The Third Eye Chakra

November 23rd, 2019/SAT 1-4pm – The Crown Chakra

Sign up by July 28th, 2019 to reserve your spot!



7&7 Chakra Balancing Course

7 workshops roughly every two weeks (see dates) including a 30 minute reiki healing session to be scheduled separately for each individual participant. all classes are non-refundable. In case of a missed class; you will still be able to obtain the class materials for that particular class in order to study the material on your own. You may also schedule a private session with me to go over the lesson with you for an additional fee. Email me for details and to make appt.


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