It Takes A Leap Of Faith

It certainly does…have you got the guts? It also takes work, dedication and a willingness to change what’s wrong to make things right. But living a life in BALANCE is worth every effort because…

A Balanced Life is a HAPPY LIFE!!! But unfortunately many of us have never learned this basic fundamental process when we went about the business of creating our life. This is because most of us were not raised in the most healthy of living situations and then we just went on to create the very conditions we were used to being around. We just love to create what we are used to and less willing to take a chance on what we aren’t familiar with ~ even if it’s TOXIC!!! We are creatures of habit…and fear sometimes keeps us stuck there.

By the time we have the awareness that our life is not working…(ie: out of balance) we are stuck in these repeating patterns we learned from the past on how to cope with whatever we’re dealing with. Now we are faced with having to remove a lot of the obstacles and ways of thinking that we picked up and inherited by both our parents and social conditions.  Therefore we have a backlog of deleting to do ~ which means erasing and healing from patterns and habits we may have picked up along the way because when we were a helpless child we needed these coping skills to survive. We live in an imperfect world sadly …but we are all on a mission to EVOLVE. Now more than ever.

This requires then a return to innocence: a return to wellness and a return to the wholeness of your Being. Be kind to yourself dear one, be kind to others and be willing to change and willing to transform. But first there must be a death of your old self…it will be okay…that one wasn’t working!

This is incredibly hard work but it’s soooooo worth it! Soooooo Rewarding! Trust me 😉

This website has been created to help you do just that. I will share what I have learned on my journey and I have learned a lot BECAUSE I have been thru a lot. Experience is a wise teacher.

The first requirement from you is the willingness to believe in YOURSELF and the willingness to take the Leap!

Oh yes, we will be traveling into the UNKNOWN!!! It may be dark in there, it may be unfamiliar but it’s where all the treasure has been buried!!! Let’s go find it!

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