Be the Inspiration


The more we share who we are; the more we inspire others to be who they are. Sharing your authentic self and being courageous enough to do so is one of the steps of braking down the barriers that keep us all apart. Some people will dig you, some people will not…but that’s all okay because imagine if we all only liked vanilla ice cream. Life would be boring.

Find your tribe by putting your real self out there…AND the people who gel with you and dig you will find you. TRUST in that. And CONNECT.

In the year of 2019, I took a leap of faith and started my “passion project” that extended way beyond just me. I endeavored to provide a year long series of classes/workshops designed for SELF MASTERY that I extended to the students of my tarot classes and their friends and invited them all into my home. It began with just a “spark” of an idea to work on my own personal growth and deciding to invite others to join in the quest….because I couldn’t be the only one wanting such a thing. When I first moved into this home in the woods, on a bubbling creek after my divorce, I had a vision I would have groups of people here giving workshops/classes; I just wasn’t sure what! Well 3 years later, that vision manifested and people came to my house for a year ~ my little sanctuary (due to all the amazing wildlife that surrounds me). There is a lot of healing to be had here.










I ended up conducting eleven classes/workshops during the course of that year. I made nine guide books to go with the lessons for each participant. Each lesson centered around Spiritual Truths and my own personal experiences with these truths. And I always incorporated creativity and art in each workshop because healing one’s inner child through play and self expression is so important these days. It’s the first aspect of you that gets silenced through society’s conditioning and shaming. A child accepts everyone and feels no shame in their creativity. The older you get, the more you are mocked for being who you are….CRAZY….so we start to hide all that we are, in order to conform and be like everyone else or else tailor ourselves to fit into some version of what we think people will like. BORING.


Here are my first thoughts about “MOON MAGIC” — inspired by the tarot, specifically the MAGICIAN CARD and Harry Potter. I wanted to have a say in the life I now had to re-create from scratch…since the life path I was on previously had completely shattered.

50402500_10211173032036424_7453533464348852224_o2019 was for me a year of deep reflection and complete self examination because I wanted to create a life that made me happy and was deeply fulfilling. In order to do that, I had to figure out everything I had done prior to that to screw me up. In short, I had to heal from my past traumas, disappointments, and illusions, my faulty belief systems and most importantly start taking action towards creating the life I did want.

It was a lot of hard work. And I worked my butt off. Transformation was high on my list…and that meant getting rid of everything and everyone that was interfering in that progression. Again, Not easy but the Universe was guiding me all the way, so I trusted the path.


I’m very proud of what I accomplished last year….and very grateful for the people who took this journey with me and trusted me to be their guide along the way. We all had a lot of fun, laughter and tears and shared a lot about our lives in the process. And now I see a great body of work in these booklets/guide books that is INSPIRING ME to do something important with them. It was a great experiment after all…. AND for me, it taught me a great deal about myself.

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