Journaling as a Self-Healing Tool

91785965_10213895977548360_7078937609476505600_nEveryone should keep a journal. It’s the best thing one can have to get one’s thoughts and emotions out on paper which is HUGE because it’s releasing energy (toxic and otherwise) thru a PHYSICAL ACT.  It’s so important to feel your feelings, purge them and PROCESS THEM. I have been doing this for over 45 years and it WORKS!!! I write nearly every single day…when the going was tough…I needed to purge (write) several times a day….so in terms of releasing grief, or another kind of negative emotion your options are: cry a river, swim the English Channel or pick up a pen and paper. In some cases, you may have to do all three.

Journaling becomes a record of your life and you will obtain valuable insights about yourself through the rereading of them. And you will leave behind your own legacy to your children if you have any. When my mother died, I found a notebook that she titled something like “MY STORY ….” and I was so excited and grateful to pour over every page…unfortuanately when I opened it up…it was blank. NOT ONE WORD. It was so disappointing because I wanted to know her, the real her….didn’t happen…not in this lifetime apparently.

Getting thoughts and emotions out on paper is very therapeutic. And sure, sometimes we will write things about people that drive us nuts, most often the very people that we love…it’s all good. We are all flawed. Friends and acquaintances over the years have told me that I should throw them out – especially the difficult years — but I disagree. The shadowy aspects of life are just as important as the sunny aspects. The shadow places are where we do the most growth; that’s where the real work begins. When our life gets F*cked up — those are the points where your true lessons lie. Both aspects of life are what keep you in balance. Both parts keep you evolving.

Since the CORONAVIRUS Pandemic started, I started pulling what I call “The Word of the Day” out of a deck of cards I have called The Crystal Grid Oracle Cards by Ashley Leavy. Each day it seems that there is a rhyme and a reason to the particular word that falls out of the deck on my table as I shuffle. And then I write about what that word means to me in my life at the moment. It helps to keep you focused, and somewhat organized, in that little file cabinet we call The Mind.

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