Isolation/Hermit Mode during the Coronavirus Pandemic


The Universe is putting everyone into Hermit Mode….Everyone needed a time out apparently.  So take the time to examine wherever you are in life on your current path and shine the light on wherever you need to look more deeply into your journey here on Earth to make changes and perhaps shift your energy where it needs to be shifted. It’s time to go deep diving!

Most people don’t like Hermit Energy when it shows up in their card readings…I was super annoyed when it showed up for me all the time for Years! Because I needed to be a Hermit in the Woods to change almost everything about me. Now that I am not running from Hermit Energy I know how much it taught me and how necessary it was for my own personal transformation and healing process.

Be informed about what’s going on and prepare but do not dwell in the drama and use this time to create much needed shifts in your life and do what you were put here on earth to do…CREATE! Whatever that means for you.


It’s important to share YOUR STORY… whatever it is…however you choose to tell it because believe it or not, your story can help someone else with THEIR STORY. Even if it’s just one person. Be the Brave One, the Courageous One. It’s the stuff we keep locked away that keeps us in the darkness. So shine a little light in your closet, step out of your comfort zone and see that we are all the same…and we are all in this together which means you are not alone dealing with your demons, your shadowy self…it’s just keeping all those aspects of our seemingly less than perfect selves stuck in that dark closet which keeps all those demons alive. Open the door and let them out; they will fry in the light of day like zombies during the apocalypse (at least in the Will Smith version; I Legend).

Not only am I writing a memoir/novel about my life experiences but I will also be sharing some bits from my journals here during this crisis because I have always been inspired by Ann Frank and what she left behind. And these are strange times we are now experiencing and it’s more important than ever to share with others in our hermit lockdown mode.



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