Let’s Focus on What’s Important

Let’s talk about LOVE….it starts with you, ends with you, and expands within you. Once you got you right; you can love someone else. We’ve been taught to look for love outside ourselves, and thus expect someone else to show us how it’s done…and then we become co-dependent on receiving that all the time which as we all know by our relationships of the past DOES NOT WORK.  It’s all screwed up and backwards that way!

You cannot give away what you do NOT have…thus you need to fill yourself up with loving kindness, treat yourself the way you want others to treat you (thus showing them how it’s done) and consequently you’ll find yourself respecting yourself in the process. Nobody gets you perfectly but you! Once you master self love; nobody can disappoint you again; because you won’t be expecting anything from them to fill you up. You’ve already done that…yourself. And once we take away these expectations of how to love us which burden our loved ones; we become more appreciative of any and all gestures they might extend towards us. And that’s the thing with relationships in general; as soon as we get in one, we start expecting things…and that’s the thing that screws it all up!

So…start releasing expectations…that’s a hard one because we’ve been conditioned for generations to expect our happiness to depend on how others treat us. Of course, we should NEVER let anyone treat us badly…and that is another instance of loving ourselves properly. If someone can’t respect you; best to walk away – no matter who it is. Couples always fall in love easily at the beginning because there isn’t much expectation…therefore anything anyone does is appreciated and a delight. Announce that you are a “couple” and now you are expected to deliver. How did that happen? LOL

Such a dilemma. heh

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