I’ve endeavored and bore witness to all types of tragedy and loss; betrayals, death of parents, death of siblings, cancer survival, mental illness, abuse and violence, court battles, addictions, life threatening conditions, suicide, depression, estrangement, Alzheimer’s, co-dependency, poverty, divorce, generational dysfunction, single parenting, dating after 50, karmic and soulmate relationships, career hijacking…have I missed anything? All the stuff that cuts you to the core and you barely have the strength to go on another day.

I’m still here; so that’s significant  and I’ve been literally taking notes for over forty five years as I keep a journal and write everyday (now I’m 57. 5+7=12; 1+2=3; 3=EMPRESS ENERGY; that’s numerology ~ another subject for another day)  but seeking the why and most importantly the cure. I literally transformed my life…I look better than I ever did, I’m more confident and secure and most importantly I know who I am whereas before I guess I didn’t have a clue, just coasting along not at all aware that I was directly participating in the crap that I was trying to avoid. I’m here to share the wisdom of how you can take the tragedies and hardships life deals you and flip them by learning a few basic skills. I learned the hard way so you can learn the easy way. And it’s all based on direct hands-on experience which is proof positive it works.

If you are here, you are now enrolled in the school of life with the benefit of the cheat sheet to get the best out of it and reap the benefits asap. A wise move…eager soul….I wish this had existed when I arrived with not much but a birth certificate and my naked butt when I arrived screaming into this world. Welcome! Your Grand Life is about to Unfold Step by Step! And I promise it will be a lot more fun than school ever was!

So Rule #1 – to thy own self be true; and love thyself like none other because that is something that will never die; can’t be taken away, and you are never without. And that makes total sense…then the rest of this co-dependency conditional crap we have been fed for decades and generations.

Consider this then; the School of SELF LOVE and INDEPENDENCE.