Speak Your Truth by Listening to Your Heart

There is a divine order to everything that occurs in the Universe. There are no accidents, no mistakes. Everything is for a reason, a reason that may be revealed in the playground of time should you pay enough attention. A reason that will have a significant effect on you or someone else. We are all playing it out in the “game of life”… When we come to the end of the game and pass from this world to the next, we don’t stop existing. We don’t stop being and lose all consciousness. FAR FROM IT. One day, people will see as I have, that there is a way to connect to the other side. Someday in the future, it will be excepted as truth just as we all know today that the earth is not flat.

As people start listening to their hearts more and not their minds(ego), magic will start to occur. Life will be more playful, more exciting as you become more guided by your intuition. You will make leaps of faith into the great unknown and know there will always be a net to catch you even if you can’t see it. So you are only limited by what you believe, because if you don’t think it’s going to happen, it won’t. You won’t be able to hear or see any of the signs. Open yourself up and the world becomes magical. Opportunities are everywhere if one has the heart to see.
When the bridge is built between this world and the next, a new consciousness will occur. We’ll all start to realize we’re all here for a purpose – to co-create together; a world of our own imagination, a world in peace, without hunger, and each one of us being responsible for creating it. We all want the same things, that is how similar we are, how connected we are. Not one person cannot be part of the whole – for we wouldn’t be complete and thus whole, without total participation. That is in fact, heaven on earth – what we all seek. That is how important you are in this plan.

We are all eternal beings guided by a higher source, a behind-the-scenes God, Source, Spirit, whatever you want to call it, to finally wake up and “get it”. And we keep coming back here on earth to make an attempt to evolve to that level of awareness bit by bit until we all get there – TOGETHER – Not one person will be left behind. No one is alone nor exempt. All are worthy.

We need you.


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