Speak Your Truth by Listening to Your Heart

There is a divine order to everything that occurs in the Universe. There are no accidents, no mistakes. Everything is for a reason, a reason that may be revealed in the playground of time should you pay enough attention. A reason that will have a significant effect on you or someone else. We are all playing it out in the “game of life”… When we come to the end of the game and pass from this world to the next, we don’t stop existing. We don’t stop being and lose all consciousness. FAR FROM IT. One day, people will see as I have, that there is a way to connect to the other side. Someday in the future, it will be excepted as truth just as we all know today that the earth is not flat.

As people start listening to their hearts more and not their minds(ego), magic will start to occur. Life will be more playful, more exciting as you become more guided by your intuition. You will make leaps of faith into the great unknown and know there will always be a net to catch you even if you can’t see it. So you are only limited by what you believe, because if you don’t think it’s going to happen, it won’t. You won’t be able to hear or see any of the signs. Open yourself up and the world becomes magical. Opportunities are everywhere if one has the heart to see.
When the bridge is built between this world and the next, a new consciousness will occur. We’ll all start to realize we’re all here for a purpose – to co-create together; a world of our own imagination, a world in peace, without hunger, and each one of us being responsible for creating it. We all want the same things, that is how similar we are, how connected we are. Not one person cannot be part of the whole – for we wouldn’t be complete and thus whole, without total participation. That is in fact, heaven on earth – what we all seek. That is how important you are in this plan.

We are all eternal beings guided by a higher source, a behind-the-scenes God, Source, Spirit, whatever you want to call it, to finally wake up and “get it”. And we keep coming back here on earth to make an attempt to evolve to that level of awareness bit by bit until we all get there – TOGETHER – Not one person will be left behind. No one is alone nor exempt. All are worthy.

We need you.


Diamonds are Formed Under Pressure


The Challenge set before you is to exit the game of life as a true gem. And just as a diamond must undergo a tremendous amount of pressure to be so amazing so too must we, if we are to shine as brightly as we were designed to.

Most natural diamonds are formed at high temperature and pressure at depths of 140 to 190 kilometers (87 to 118 mi) in the Earth’s mantle. Carbon-containing minerals provide the carbon source, and the growth occurs over periods from 1 billion to 3.3 billion years (25% to 75% of the age of the Earth).

As you can see here about the formation of diamonds, becoming radiant is going to take some time and it won’t be easy. In fact, it’s going to hurt like a bitch. Heck, it might even take a few lifetimes (yes, we here in the Universe believe in reincarnation; it just makes a whole lot of sense to us). So be prepared to cry buckets, shed many skins and purge demons as you are presented with one challenge after another…but once you become aware of your tasks and see them as tests for you to conquer and avoid falling into the trap of feeling victimized by them; you may take them a little bit more in stride, or at least not think of them as the end of your world. Once you complete a lesson, it will be the end of a cycle and you will be rewarded with some sort of a prize, a reversal of fortune if you will. All is in perfect balance…because that’s the way the Universe works. The harder the challenge, the greater the reward. The key is to make it thru the experience with your integrity intact…if you don’t; you may get a repeat. And oh, man, repeats suck! A lot of time and effort wasted..

At any rate, try to think of it all like a snake shedding it’s skin as it grows. A badge of honor is how many skins you have shed in one lifetime. And shedding skins is all about letting go of past hurts, and leaving baggage behind. It’s a bit of a purification system so to speak – a return to innocence – to the self we were when we first came out of our mother’s womb.

And the meaning of that is this: essentially your life has been designed to wake you up. Yep. And the sooner you wake up, the sooner you have the power to control more of what you experience….because you’ll be co-creating with the Universe consciously INSTEAD of unconsciously. So embrace what life presents you with and believe that things are always happening for everyone’s greater good. There are no accidents and no mistakes. Honestly, if you screw up; you just get to do it over again; and we come back over and over till we get it right…we have all of eternity anyway…LOL…so relax and enjoy all the unfolding and make sure to take advantage when the Wheel of Fortune is going your way because life swings high and then swings low, like the tides of the ocean, like day turning into night. These are the natural rhythms of the earth and the examples we see everyday to remind us that whatever is happening in your life whether it be good or bad, remember that this too shall pass.

Also life is too short to stay stuck…I only say this from my own experience having been in a holding pattern for far too long. I’m eager to make up for lost time myself.

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Rejection and Abandonment


On the Journey of Life, we will often experience feelings of abandonment and rejection from others; it’s just part of the process of finding the ones that we are meant to be with and play with. Most of us walking the planet today have deep wounds of this experience that stem from childhood because our parents were not equipped with the tools themselves to avoid doing this wounding to us. This is because as a species we are still evolving. We may have evolved in a physical form but the emotional component of our being has yet to fully evolve. That is why we still have wars going on and we still “war” within our own families, friendships and work environments.

Some of us don’t feel heard, understood, listened to, respected, valued, recognized, appreciated, acknowledged…instead we feel just the opposite. This is a deep wounding that needs to be examined because if we are still interacting with people who keep bringing those feelings to the surface; it’s a sign that this wound is aching to be healed and your repeated experience of it is the Universe’s Way of bringing it to the surface, so that it can GET YOUR ATTENTION!

Once you realize (usually from repeated experience) that you have deep wounds in this area you can bring your awareness to that wound and shed some light on it so that it can be healed. Most often than not, it came from your childhood. You can begin to fix the problem yourself, by forgiving your parents who ultimately didn’t know any better because they only had the experience of what was done to them and carried it forward. They loved you the best way they could with the knowledge that they had within their generation. The next step after that is you, yourself most stop abandoning yourself the way it was done to you because everyone you encounter until you do so will abandon you in some way shape or form. And your unaware self will be wanting and wishing for them to fix this wound in you. You gotta fix your own wounds in order for them to really heal.

Everyone you attract in your experience will be a mirror for you to rate your progress πŸ˜‰ It’s all designed to get you to wake up to your “issues”.

So the sooner you do the work on yourself by deeply loving and caring for these wounds, the sooner you will bring better experiences into your reality.

Therefore be aware:





you may in fact, be quite the peach.

So, if someone doesn’t recognize you and doesn’t appreciate you, don’t take it personally – they are just not meant to be part of your experience in life and their projections on you are simply their own wounds, fears and insecurities and have NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU. They might be just be a kumquat instead who needs to embrace their own unique kumquat self.

Find your own fruit bowl to play in by embracing the kind of fruit you are. Both kinds have their own unique flavor. Both are on their own unique journey from seed to ripeness and fullblown juicy flavor. lol


and remember…





Start Being Loyal to Yourself FIRST

How many times have you dishonored yourself by submitting to someone else’s desires and wants that didn’t line up with your own? We do this because we have been conditioned to believe that we are supposed to do these things out of love or duty or some type of payback system. There is nothing loving about taking your own desires and needs out of the equation when quite simply you’re not feeling it. And the reason you aren’t feeling it is probably because you’ve been sacrificing yourself and you own needs and wants for far too long with this person or persons and the plain fact is IT DOESN’T FEEL GOOD ANYMORE.

Now our children in these scenarios are different stories. We decided to bring them into the world and therefore, they are our responsibilities. We owe them our attention and dedication and unwavering love because we created them and we don’t get to stop doing that because sometimes we aren’t in the mood. They need our loyalty because they are not adults yet and depend on us.

If you are an adult, your dependency lies on you being dependent on you. Indeed.

Right about now, you might be wondering WAIT, WHAT ABOUT ALL THAT UNCONDITIONAL LOVE you were talking about in the last post? This is getting confusing!!!

Ah yes, let me explain….you see Love isn’t about doing things you will feel resentful about later…that’s not what love is. Sacrificing your own self on a continual basis to serve another without BALANCE is not gonna gel. And loving someone is an act all of itself; it’s NOT some form of bondage. It has to be given without expectation, without payback, and without stifling another.

But wait, didn’t you just say Love was about BALANCE? An even exchange?!

No, I didn’t say that. That’s what a relationship must entail. AHA; you see ~ Love isn’t necessarily a relationship…that’s a horse of a different color. Love exists on it’s own merit; of it’s own design. Love and Relationships are two different things. Now combined they are quite extraordinary and quite satisfying but that’s for another post.

And anyway, this post was supposed to be about LOYALTY. So be loyal to yourself. FIRST and FOREMOST. Learn to say “NO” if you don’t want to do something…and if you are in a relationship; your partner must understand that and NOT TAKE IT PERSONALLY. Because it’s just you being YOU. And that’s why you are here…to be as much YOU as YOU can possibly be.

Remember that, and don’t freak out when your partner says “no” to you too. Communication of course is the ideal in all circumstances. BE HONEST about communicating your truths with tact, love and understanding.



The Very, Very Fine Art of Loving YOU


Hey Beautiful Soul,

If you are waiting for someone to love you before you love yourself (to the fullest!) first; you are guaranteed to find yourself with someone who is also living in a lack of love mentality; and that means the both of you will be in a perpetual state of hunger for the other one to do what desperately needs to be done…and thus in a constant state of neediness.

Um..yeah…that way of being doesn’t really work…and makes for unhealthy relationships. Even if you can swing it for a bit (usually in what’s known as the honeymoon period when you first team up with someone), it’s not going to last for long before the monsters within start rearing their ugly heads. And when these kind of relationships end, it’s usually painful and messy with lots of screaming ~ and suddenly crazy becomes the new normal for the two of you.

There has to be a better way to do this “love” thing.

Because unless you got the self-love mastery going on; you’re going to be pissed off when people don’t give you what you want nor give you what you feel you deserve. This is the formula for what is known as “conditional love”. In other words, if you do this for me and behave the way I want you to; I’ll love you and vice versa.

ouch. no thanks. been there…done that. So not the best way to go about this! You see, there is this other kind of love; what’s actually TRUE LOVE and it’s UNCONDITIONAL and it’s wayyyyyy better than that other love in disguise that people have been dishing out for decades….guess what? It’s not just for kids anymore!!!

But it treads a fine line that we will address later…

for now; just embrace this concept.

At any rate, don’t get all down on yourself too hard for all your past relationships because we all grew up for the most part not getting our needs met and without the “how to survive life” manual and hands-on course that should have been a school requirement or at the very least given to us on our first birthday.Β  Thankfully experience is a great teacher…and I have had my fair share of painful circumstances. I learned the hard way so I could teach you the “easy” way — well, perhaps a faster way truth be told.

But hey, that’s why I get to wear the crown; I’m the Queen of Wands, remember?

The Phoenix that rose from the Ashes to live another day…and who brought back the elixir to share with the world. No small task. but I digress…

Here is the News Flash:


And you gots to love ALL OF YOU!!!!Β  The good, the bad and the friggin’ downright ugly ass bits. Oh, I’m sorry…you say you haven’t got any ugly side and you don’t know what I’m talking about? Time to click on out of here?! haha, think again…your shadow is sitting right next to you and I can see it clear as day. I’ve got news for you; you are going to have to acknowledge this dark thing that follows you everywhere and hear it out and then make peace with it. In essence, tame that thing and make it work for you. That’s right. Embrace and tame. Make it your bitch if you must! (and you must)!

This is just a little introduction to a very big topic we’ll tackle some more down the road…but it’s the biggest piece of the puzzle; so let’s just call it Step One.

Now look at yourself in the mirror and smile. Go ahead, I guarantee you will get a smile right back. And why not? You got it going on; sexy! Imperfect perfection never looked so good!

Btw, here’s a secret, the more you keep loving yourself; the more you will radiate that love from the inside out and the more people will be drawn to you. You will be a magnet. But it’s got to be the real deal…we’re not talking about being selfish or cocky…that’s ego stuff. We are talking about treating yourself like you want to be treated. And embracing the wonderful, brilliant radiant being that you are…shining brightly in your own truth.

More on the specifics of the “art of loving” in a future post. Let’s just digest this small tidbit for now.









The Strength of Inner Power

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Get ready to discover your inner power by mastering your own soul; which roughly translates into “getting to know you”. Yes, you! I can bet you’ve been looking on the outside for someone to define you for most of your life – so no, no, no….stop that!Β  It’s going to take some work (of course!) and deep reflection on your part to uncover what you have buried and what society conditioned into you since you arrived ~ but this process is how you’ll make magic in the world and start being more of an active participant in directing your life the way you want it to go. Let’s start peeling the layers off; shall we? It won’t hurt too much; I promise πŸ˜‰ There’s a beautiful YOU waiting to be revealed in all your splendor and glory.

And thus I have to say congratulations! AND…

I'll say πŸ˜„β˜ΊοΈ

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you made it here!!! And found me! For whatever reason…and INDEED there was a reason…